Thursday, 9 July 2009

Paris In The Pink!

Looking at the Pink Eiffel Tower cake that we made for our current "Pink Week" Collection (on eBay until Sun 12 July...), we wondered what would happen if we could change the brownish-gray colour of the real thing and slap on a coat of pink paint?

Realising that painting the real thing was going to require between 50 and 60 tonnes of paint, we decided against doing it for real. At 324 metres high, vertigo would have been a major problem too...

So we did it the easy way - in Photoshop!

Pink Eiffel TowerOooh la la! It certainly adds a splash of colour to a dull Parisian sky, but I think I prefer the true colour!

Hmmm, but what about other famous Parisian landmarks? The Arc de Triomphe for example?

Pink Arc de TriompheOh no! That'll never do! There's so much traffic whizzing round the thing that giving those crazy Parisian drivers the added distraction of a bright pink landmark to look at instead of the road will only end in trouble and another smashed tail light...!

What about somewhere more calm? Somewhere where one can relax and contemplate life and be alone with one's thoughts. A church maybe? What about Sacré Coeur? Swapping its bright whiteness might add a dash of colour to the highest point in Paris, but could you contemplate anything other than the shocking colour if it was repainted in pink? (edit: this is growing on me...!)

Pink Sacré CoeurSo our "scientific" research concludes that the only Parisian landmark that should be offered in pink is the Eiffel Tower....

Miniature Pink Eiffel Tower Cake
...and then only when it's in miniature!

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  1. I LOVE your mini pink Eiffel tower, but then, I like most things miniature anyway!

    Your items are so sweet and gorgeous--they look so real!

    How on earth do you do it??
    (I get asked that all the time, too.)

  2. NO NO NO!! have made them all look like cheap tacky souvenirs....change them all back!!

    But..your 'miniature' pink Tour Effel is soooo wonderful!!!

    Regards, Linda

  3. Ce gâteau est trop magnifique! je suis déçue d'avoir loupé l'enchère sur ebay! Heureusement que vous mettez les images sur le blog. est ce que vous pourriez mettre sur Flickr des photos d'une miniature que vous aviez fait, si je me rappelle c'était un bol de chocolat au lait avec des chamallows, si vous avez toujours la photo ce serait super. Bonne soirée à vous deux.