Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mad About Teapots Too!

picnic table miniature teapot with baguette bread tomato brie cheese pork pie tomato in 12th scale made by hand by emmaflam and miniman paris miniaturesFrom my last post, where I wrote about my collection of plates, you'll know that I have a passion for tableware.

I also love teapots - a happy coincidence seeing as Miniman is English and loves his tea!

As you may expect, this rubs off on my miniature work too. One of my favourite types of teapot is in the style of a "table" - the teapot is given the appearance of being draped with a tablecloth and the top of the teapot then becomes the surface of a table. It's a style that some people may find bizarre at first, but it does give an active imagination a whole heap of possibilities!

I've made pink ones featuring teeny teapots as the handle for the lid...handpainted too!

miniature pink table teapot with tiny teapot lid - emmaflam paris miniaturesI've made black and white teapots with another tiny teapot, baby cup and saucer and a minuscule croissant...

black and white handmade miniature teapot emmaflam and miniman paris miniaturesI've even made special Christmas teapots with tiny Christmas puddings on the lid!

miniature Christmas teapots in 12th scale and quarter scale handmade emmaflam miniman paris miniaturesThat's a quarter scale teapot next to the 12th scale version! It even has a tiny teapot cup and saucer and a Christmas pudding on it - we're talking stupidly small here! All done without a magnifying glass too...

Here is that 1/4 scale version on a British penny...

quarter scale miniature handmade Christmas teapot shown on a British pennyAnd this week I was chuffed with the way my new one turned out - it's a picnic table setting...

Miniature handmade Picnic 12th scale table teapot with baguette bread tomato brie cheese pork pie tomato in 12th scale made by hand by emmaflam and miniman paris miniatures...complete with that classic red and white checkered cloth, a baguette, pork pie (again in recognition of the "Englishness" of my other half!) tomatoes, a roast chicken, some brie and some hard boiled eggs.

I also painted some grass and flowers around the base to give it a summery meadowy feel!

You can find more pictures of this piece on eBay where I've just listed it!


  1. c'est trop mimi!
    Je n'ai toujours pas trouvé le temps de formuler une longue réponse sur etsy... j'ai besoin de vacances! :)

  2. I have always loved miniatures and yours are gorgeous. I don't know how you do it...they are so tiny and perfect. . I have tried to make some tiny things for my shadow boxes and it's not easy. Great work.

  3. How neat! A tiny teapot on a tiny teapot! Too cute!

    I also adore minis and make tiny teapots--turned on the pottery wheel with my fingers.

  4. Thank you!

    Stéphanie, n'hésitez pas, vous êtes la bienvenue si vous avez d'autres questions, et bonnes vacances bien méritées!