Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Real French Miniature!

This story had slipped us by, as appears to be the case with most of France...

It's not surprising, seeing as how France's (and Europe's) biggest TV station, TF1, is owned by Nicolas Sarkozy's buddies, and Mr Sarkozy recently passed measures that the President of France (erm, so that's himself then...) should have the power to appoint the head of the "public" channels in France - France 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Five channels potentially under the control of a very media-obsessed President! This explains why anything that may criticise or ridicule him very rarely makes it to the airwaves. So we're fighting back from our corner!

We first heard of this while watching British TV this past weekend, otherwise we'd have never known.

Speech time at the recent 65th anniversary D-Day commemoration near Omaha beach (well done Gordon Brown for screwing that up by calling it "Obama Beach" in his make me proud to be British!). Emma made the same joke about 20 minutes earlier so it wasn't even original! :p

Feeling overshadowed by President Obama's impressive 6' 2" stature, little Nick at 5' 5" (an inch shorter than Napolean...) required some help in order to measure up to the charismatic US President...

Barack Obama at D-Day commemoration June 2009A wooden stool! And that's in addition to the platforms that are built into his shoes...

Nicolas Sarkozy on a stool at the D Day Commemoration 2009Apparently Obama's chopper is quite a bit bigger than Sarkozy's too. Helicopter, I mean...


  1. Wow, that's amazing. We are like mushrooms growing in the dark and being fed "fertilizer", to put it politely!!! I love the stand, how "little" his self esteem is!!! Love the chopper comment!!!
    Margaret B

  2. hahaha... this is what happens when you're a friend of the Italian prime minister.... He recently said he has only just began. I wanna move...

  3. made rather a 'big' news story down here in Australia...!!!

  4. I do not know what to say... I thought it was only an Italian "problem", but it seems to develop like a virus.Sometimes I'm ashamed...

  5. This is why I don't follow politics . . . little boys playing in big boys' shoes . . . hmmm . . . is there such a thing as big boy?! Ah well . . .

    Case in point . . . I'm a Canadian living in the United States and I don't even know who the Canadian Prime Minister is anymore! Guess I could google it, but what's the point?! LOL!!

    P.S. Like the new name!

  6. Ohhhhh....Must tell your, I looove your blogg!!!

    Agneta from Sweden

    Ps. I have some pictures you must see on my blogg..... the difference between Sarkozy ang Obama....