Friday, 26 March 2010

Interior of Spring Easter Egg

I thought you might enjoy seeing this - it's one of Emma's Easter pieces from yesterday. I turned the camera up to 11 today because I don't think that the photos that I took yesterday adequately showed the detail inside, which for this particular piece is very important. I think this one is better and shows the amount of fiddly work Emma put into it!  It's even glittered on the inside (pretty much like our house - the damn stuff gets everywhere!)

I do wish that I had some way to show it to you in 3D but, you'd all need to wear Joe 90 style 3D glasses!

Si je résume, Neil  s'est bien amusé avec son appareil photo chéri, pour qu'on voie l'intérieur de l'oeuf...oui, même l'intérieur est recouvert de paillettes : IL Y EN A PARTOUT DANS LA MAISON!!!!!
Neil en a deux sur le front, chut ! ;-)

Click on the photo to see the enlargement.
Encore plus gros si vous cliquez sur la photo...


  1. Wauwwwww it's very very beuatiful!

  2. Fantastic.. how is it even possible to make this so small?
    Synnøve :)

  3. C'est fabuleux tout ce que vous avez réussi à mettre dans l'oeuf. C'est incroyable et très beau.