Monday, 1 March 2010

It's Award Season! We Got 4!!

The awards season is well and truly here; Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Brits, and the Oscars this weekend hosted by Alec Baldwin (excellent in "30 Rock") and Steve Martin (whose "Born Standing Up" is a lovely heart-warming read).

But seeing as how the Academy didn't see fit to nominate me for "Halloween Miniatures" or "Cute Teddy Bears" this year, they can stuff off...I don't need them, because I received FOUR awards this weekend!

So BIG thanks to Kiva, Jody, Geneviève, and Ana.

You probably all know the drill by now - nominate seven blogs, tell seven things about yourself, pass it on....

Well it seems that everyone we follow and would have given it to already has forgive us for not nominating anyone here.  They are nice to receive, but they do make me think of those dreaded "chain letters" that did the rounds when we were kids.  They used to threaten all kinds of unpleasantness if you didn't pass them on!!!!

And there's no way we're going to find 4 x 7 "secret" things about ourselves either!  They're secret for a reason :-p

So we'll do one lot of seven "secrets", and hopefully no curses, poxes or plagues will come our way as a result of not passing this on.  We do what we like :-p

1.  Neil holds a valid UK forklift driving license.

2.  We love anything with "iron" in it - "The Iron Giant", "Iron Man", "Ironbridge Musem" "ironing".  That last one's a lie.  Ironing is the devil's own creation.  FACT.  And don't you find that "iron" is one of those frustrating words that gets more bizarre the more you say it...?

3.  Emma may be a Cylon.  Some days neither one of us is sure.

4.  Two things are sure to stop Neil dead in his tracks - the music from Star Wars and seeing a chimpanzee with clothes on.  This video makes him very happy!

5.  Neil was head of a team that had a number one selling Playstation video game in the UK!  For a WHOLE WEEK!

6.  We haven't seen Twilight yet!  But we love Buffy and Angel so doubt it'll be as good.  Send hate mail to

7.  It's a secret...

So there you to make some minis!


  1. I am laughing my head off! So funny. Yes, ironing is the devil's creation--he does like anything involving extremely hot temps! Chimps wearing clothing are certainly show-stoppers alright. I am always too painfully honest in these things and got a lot of 'sympathy' notices so should have stayed on the lighter side of life but my life is like a glass house--boring but yet transparent to all who ask! LOL! I don't blame you in the least for not passing them on--it's a lot of time and often hard to find those who haven't already received them. But I do like getting them as I like to have people whom I will likely never have the privilege of actually meeting but who I follow around reading about stroke my very delicate ego--LOL! Now if I can figure out how the cooler bloggers manage to post all of their awards on their blogs . . . my life will be complete!


  2. That's the only comment on that post...but we always prefer quality to quantity;-)
    Happy we made you laugh,Jody,that was the only goal!