Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Made some scones while looking forward to the next High Tea! / En attendant le prochain "High Tea"

As we we come to the end of winter, our thoughts are turning to our next hop over the English Channel to visit family and friends in the UK.  We didn't find time to make it over last year so the craving for seaside fish 'n' chips and cream tea with scones is at an all time high!

On dirait que l'hiver veut finir...(mais si, mais si!!!) et nous commençons à penser sérieusement à notre prochaine balade outre manche...Ça fait trop longtemps, et nous sommes officiellement en manque de fish 'n chips et de cream tea au bord de la mer...

Other UK goodies such as McVities Digestives are now available here in France (so that'll save some space in the back of the car next time!) but scones are harder to come by.

C'est très bien que les digestives McVities soient disponibles en France, mais ça ne suffit pas, et les scones, on en a jamais vu nulle part...

So we made some!
Alors on en a fait!

We've showed them with one of our "High Tea" miniatures.
En voici deux, avec un "High tea" sur un serviteur muet miniature.

Warm from the oven and spread with butter and a big dollop of strawberry jam they were delicious, but they did lack the all-important clotted cream and seaside air!

Encore tièdes, avec du beurre et de la confiture de fraises, c'est pas pour me vanter, mais c'était une tuerie!!
Il ne manquait que l'air de la mer, et la clotted cream, qui est une sorte de crème fraîche très très lourde et très très bonne, qui rappelle le mascarpone en texture, et un beurre sublime en goû quelqu'un sait par quoi le remplacer, par pitié, dites le nous!!!!

Here's a closer look at the High Tea - based on a real one we enjoyed last time in the UK.

Un plan plus serré du serviteur muet miniature, basé sur un vrai, que nous avons englouti lors de notre dernier séjour en Angleterre...


  1. Lovely display:) Funny, I was craving scones too. I have just printed a recipe, Irish bread that was but still it is similar don't you think? These are some of the best English stuff;) Umh and also lemon curd.
    Looking forward to see you in Paris again this June by the way:)
    Oh and so fascinating with the changing background. When do you guys sleep..Lol;)

  2. Thanks Christel - yes, lemon curd will be on our shopping list too when we are in the UK! Yum!!
    I know of Irish bread (soda bread?) but I've never tried it, let me know how your recipe turns out.
    Glad you noticed the changing background :o) and we'll probably get some sleep AFTER the SIMP!! It'll be nice to see you and your pretty stand again!

  3. oh!!! miam miam!!!

    (commentaire très constructif)


  4. You just made me very excited about the high tea we are going to at the Empress Hotel in Victoria B.C. this weekend!! They even make me a special gluten free tray. Your tray looks exactly the way they present everything, a wonderful miniature!

  5. Your work is beautiful, incredible actually!

    I have an award for you on my blog...

    Mini Hugs, Lisa x

  6. lemon curd sounds scary LOL

    i love it! haven't had scones in a while and now i -must- have some :E :E :E with strawberry jam!

  7. Beautiful and I love the three-tiered serving piece. I want one of those and am going to have to search for one! We don't have high tea here in the southern US but I do have a British SIL and she does love her tea! I am a coffee drinker but also love scones and various treats like these. Now it is bed time as I am reading and I am suddenly hungry!


  8. Un hight tea parfait, ça me rappelle ceux que j'ai pu avoir en Ecosse dans une ambiance très cosy.