Wednesday, 20 May 2009

1980s Apple Tart

Before the internet, if you wanted to make your own miniature food, you had to figure it out for yourself.

Worse for me, I was in a country where the hobby didn't really exist as it did in the UK or the US.  If I had been able to get hold of a miniature magazine, and if there had been a suitable tutorial inside, it would have been in a language that I couldn't easily read talking about supplies that I would never have been able to find!

One of the first pieces that I came up with after buying my first couple of blocks of polymer clay was a traditional tarte aux pommes or apple tart.

You can't imagine how happy I was to have found the idea of using a beer cap as a mold to make the pastry case!  Yes I know it was rather big for 12th scale so...

Miniature Apple Tart from 2009 and the 1980s
...these became my favourite pair of earrings!  Hey it was the 80s, so I could get away with wearing them!  Crazy teenager studying art in Paris - who was going to even notice?!

You'll all notice that the colours are off but did you notice the texturing?  No, because there wasn't any!

Miniature Apple Tart Earrings - Paris Miniatures
Fortunately with time, I've refined my apple tarts (and many other pieces) to a point where they won't look like freaks when placed in a 12th scale setting.  

But it's still difficult to find supplies here in France compared to what you lucky people in the UK and the US have at your finger tips...spent this morning searching in vain for basic white Fimo... :(

Miniature apple tart from Emmaflam and MinimanStill, it's worth struggling occasionally when the results are so appreciated!


  1. I think your apple tarts are great--and on my personal progress scale, would be more like a 5th go rather than a first try. My first try at clay food was pitiful to say the least!

  2. Beautiful tart - blogs such as yours are so inspiring! shout if you need help with getting materials over from the UK - I'd be happy to help a fellow miniaturist! I'm at (no blog/website up and running ...yet!) xx