Monday, 11 May 2009


The church on the opposite side of the square strikes four o'clock. Lunch is now only a delicious memory and the evening "dîner" still seems a long way off.

As usual around this time of day, something stirs deep within Miniman.

Without even lifting his head, the phrase tumbles from his mouth...

"Cup of tea...?"

Eh oui, there's no denying that after nearly 6 years of living in France, France has not yet removed that primordial English need for his afternoon cuppa.

It's a shame that he doesn't have any pastries to go with it...

Paris Miniatures - Miniature Pastries on Shabby Chic Stand presented on paper cupcake caseMiniature pastries shown on a tiny paper case

What about you? What would you really not be able to do without if you moved away from your country?


  1. Beautiful pastries. As for me I could give up almost everything but NEVER focaccia. Genoese people are truly addicted to it.

  2. Le goûter ou 4h est assez proche du tea time. Sauf que le plus important au goûter ce sont les pâtisseries (ou le pain avec de la confiture) et non la tasse de thé :)

  3. Mmmm, nothing like a real French cake from a patisserie. They look sensational!