Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Springtime at Ladurée

Paris Metro Station SignIf you've been following this blog or happened to read our twitter updates last week, you would know that we recently made a trip into Paris to try out some new treats at Ladurée.

The anticipation started to mount with each step as we climbed from the metro station sortie. We were on the Champs Elysées...

It's a mini-dilemma - you have the impressive Arc de Triomphe behind you, and you know that even if you've seen it dozens of times before, you really shouldn't ignore it, but on the other hand, just a few hundred metres further down is our pâtisserie rendez-vous! And running backwards down the Champs is out of the question. Tant pis, the pastries won this time!

Ladurée is following a Chateau de Versailles theme for spring/summer 2009, and springtime had well and truly arrived at 75, AVENUE DES CHAMPS ELYSEES with the May Lace presentation of their "lily-of-the-valley" macaroon. This flavour of macaroon is only available during the month of May each year.

This year's box is gorgeous - they explain it best themselves...
"The box encasing the macaroons is clad with a delicate grey Chantilly lace on which the word May is written in gold-embossed lettering and decorated with small, white bells.

This ultra-feminine case pays tribute to Parisian couture."
Lily of the Valley macaroon window display at Ladurée on the Champs Elysées
Lovely! Don't you just love the way that the gold lettering of the "M" actually forms the leaves of the lily-of-the-valley?

Another element of the Chateau de Versailles theme was presented in an adjacent window.

Spring - Summer Collection 2009 Ladurée Chateau de Versailles window display
Again, we leave the description to those that know best - Ladurée!
"A romantic decoration made up of interlaced designs, medallions and flower bouquets with antiquated colours houses the new box of macaroons with various spring flavours and a definite boudoir feel."
The window display was decorated with sugared violets...

Spring - Summer Collection 2009 Ladurée Chateau de Versailles window display
...and the motif on the box is stunning!

Spring - Summer Collection 2009 Ladurée Chateau de Versailles macaroon box
So with our mouths well and truly watering with anticipation, it was time to cross the threshold into pastry heaven...

The entrance to Ladurée on the Champs Elysées...which we'll post about very soon...!


  1. The boxes are truly divine but I have been told that Pierre Hermè'smacarons are much better. Will you try both of them for me and give your opinion? thank you very much Rosanna

  2. ....NO COMMENT...!!!

    No, it's all beautiful, keep it coming! If I can't be there 'right this miniute' I'm happy to look at your beautiful photos!!

    Regards, Linda

  3. The Lily of the Valley boxes are tres mignon. But my favorite is still the black box with the white embossed chandelier!

    Have some caramel au beurre sale macarons pour moi!