Saturday, 9 May 2009

Miniature Cappuccino and Homemade Cappuccino Macaroons

Following on from our first attempt at making our own delicious macaroons we decided to have another go...

This time, after much deliberation, we decided that because we enjoy making miniature cappuccinos, we'd try to make some cappuccino flavoured macaroons.

So here for the first time is the result of our real cooking and miniature cooking shown together!

Miniature Cappuccino made by Paris Miniatures - Emmaflam & Miniman showwn with our homemade cappuccino macaroons
Some of our miniature cappuccino sets shown with our homemade cappuccino macaroons

Pour les non-anglophones que l'odeur des macarons aurait attiré par ici, le petit secret, c'est un stick de cappuccino en poudre ajouté à la crème mousseline au café...


  1. So, this is why you had to visit Laduree the other day....happy to see that you put your visit to good work!!
    (...and NO!! It wasn't very helpful to tell you had been there...)

    Kindest Regards, Linda

  2. Although we did have a great time at Ladurée and bought a few things from there, the macaroons in this photo were made right here at home. And considering the 2 hours of traffic jams we had leaving Paris center on Thursday, we'll probably stick to homemade macaroons for a while too...!

  3. You don't live in Paris?

    Anyway, love these minis, I could recognize from 1000 that these are yours, the hand painted plate, the cappuccino and the pastry :P
    It's perfect!

    Can't wait to see you at the SIMP :)

  4. Not anymore... for the time being!
    I must say the city is a lot more enjoyable when you experience it as a tourist, we love it even more!
    SIMP is coming up a bit too quickly, so many things to do!!