Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Caramel Macaroons

As we mentioned in Saturday's post, we'd planned on baking some more macaroons over the holiday weekend - real ones.

Being big fans of anything caramel (even old man's favourite Werther's Originals!), it didn't take long to decide on which flavour we'd be trying next - caramel au beurre salé or salted butter caramel.

Although a tad pale due to the lack of food colouring readily available here (we had to improvise mixing the colours that we were able to find), these babies turned out to be just as delicious as we had hoped. Good job too, because we have about 30 t0 "struggle" through!

So - another 1:1 / 1:12 photo opportunity beckons...

A miniature caramel cake with caramel macaroons placed alongside our pale homebaked versions!


  1. I managed it! I'm coming to Paris for the SIMP.
    I cannot wait! may I come and greet you? Au revoir

  2. Mouthwatering... both are, but I must say I'm even more amazed by the real ones. They look divine!

  3. Rosanna - of course you can come and greet us, it's your duty!! We're really happy you can make it!