Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Lunchtime Scene....But When?

Sunday lunchtime, generally a time when small town France is calm as everyone dines.

However this Sunday, being part of a long 1st of May holiday weekend, seemed extra calm. We had popped out to fetch a fresh baguette for lunch and as as we crossed the square, which we've done hundreds of times before, we were struck by the total silence. The absence of any cars or teenagers on mopeds seemed to accentuate the beauty of the square and for a brief moment, the impression that we were in a different time envelopped us.

A Small Town Square in France
This photo dates all the way back to...yesterday

Moments like these are pretty rare in today's busy mechanized world, and hopefully this photo taken during that brief moment of calm will help transport you to some distant time when the whinnying of a horse was about as riotous as it got...

Happy Bank Holiday!

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