Sunday, 31 May 2009

Strawberry Fields

wild strawberry plants with strawberriesSome of you might remember that at the "Flowers & Flavours" country show a little while back, we bought a few strawberry plants.

We don't have particularly green fingers. In fact our track record for anything plant-related is pretty poor. It's not our fault. It's because of the snails, and the birds, and next door's cat and global warming and...well, okay, it's a little bit our fault...

We already had some wild strawberry plants which we picked in the grounds of the chateau of Chantilly a couple of years back and they've just started to yield their first tiny fruit too. This year, the five tiny plants we brought back have become a carpet of green and red and today we picked enough strawberries to make, well, a bowlful of strawberries!

wild strawberries
And it's been with lots of excitement that we've watched the strawberry plants bought from the show flourish on the window sill!

From a few floppy leaves grew the pretty, white strawberry blossom which slowly metamorphosed into tiny, yellow balls which in turn have started to become large delicious fruit...

Fresh homegrown strawberries
Woohoo!! Beats the heck out of the tasteless rubbish on offer in the local supermarket!

So, perhaps inspired by the sun and the taste of homegrown fruit, the latest miniatures on Etsy have a distinct red fruit feel to them!

Miniature Cake - Summertime Chocolate Gateau with Red Fruit Decoration
Chocolate gateau with red fruit

Summertime Red Fruit Charlotte
Red fruit charlotte


Gotta go, next door's cat has just.....ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I just love all your minis!! The strawberries look so delicious!! Yum!!!

  2. Oh wow! The charlotta is just perfect. I love the flower among the berries. So beautiful.