Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ladurée Goes All "Mickey Mouse"!

Side detail from the Mickey Mouse macaroon boxContinuing on from yesterday's post, we can show you today the main reason why we were so desperate to visit Ladurée on the Champs Elysées last week.

Of course there were some new flavours of macaroons to try, and there still remain many pastries that we haven't even tried (we will get round to it, but waistlines and wallets need to be cared for!).

But on this occasion we were on a mouse hunt...A Mickey Mouse hunt!

In collaboration with Disney Resort Paris, Ladurée have come up with an exclusive, limited edition macaroon presented in its own adorable little box.

Ladurée Mickey Mouse Macaroon BoxSealed with some Ladurée ribbon and adorned with the cutest image of Mickey, this Mickey Macaroon is available for just two months in just two restaurants inside the Disney Resort at Paris...and for just one week in the Champs Elysées boutique!

Close Up of Ladurée Mickey Mouse Macaroon BoxSo what is the Mickey Macaroon? Over to Ladurée:
"One single cake offers three colourful flavours – one fizzy chocolate ear, one vanilla ear, and a central raspberry-filled head."
A bit like this then...?!

The Ladurée Mickey Mouse MacaroonHonestly, it was deeeelicious! We started with the vanilla ear before moving on to the chocolate ear. That was fun - remember the candy that explodes and pops on your tongue? This choccie ear has some. There's no way to eat this without whizzing momentarily back to your childhood with an enormous grin on your face - or was it just us?!

Anyway, the blog is called "Paris MINIATURES" and this talk of Paris and macaroons is all very well and good, but you're probably wondering about the miniatures...

Well we couldn't let an occasion like this go by without celebrating it in typical Emmaflam & Miniman fashion...with a miniature version!

Miniature Mickey Macaroon by Emmaflam and Miniman shown on the full sized Ladurée boxAbove our miniature version is shown on the Limited Edition Mickey macaroon box and below on a portion of the ribbon.

Miniature Mickey Macaroon shown on Ladurée ribbonEnjoy! :)